Największy zbiór rozszerzeń do nopCommerce

25 lutego 2018 05:38:25
5 months ago #129 Cytat

getting this message today when trying to upload to ebay

Picture Services only supports upload of JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and TIFF image formats. Try again using a version of your picture saved in one of those formats

I've have confirmed the product image is in web optimised JPG format

Any ideas?

5 months ago #130 Cytat
This message comes from eBay, the best way to get solution is to contact them.

Best regards,
Patryk Porabik
nop4you Team
5 months ago #131 Cytat
haha, thanks for that - I will contact them, though figured I'd get a faster reply here :)
5 months ago #132 Cytat
still no response from ebay - can you confirm your 3.4 version which we are using still works?
5 months ago #133 Cytat

I can recommend you to upgrade nopCommerce to the newest version. Because of a few reasons:
- In the case of our plugins, we support versions newer than 3.60.
- 3rd part integrations may stop working, because of changes in libraries

If you upgrade your store to the 3.90 version, you will be able to test the newest version of eBay. Unfortunatelly, I'm not able to tell you more.

Best regards,
Patryk Porabik
nop4you Team
4 months ago #151 Cytat
thanks, have upgrade site / purchased latest plugin - still have problem creating listings, though ebay orders are importing fine ?! have emailed support :)
4 months ago #153 Cytat
This issue has been resolved via email.
nop4you team