Największy zbiór rozszerzeń do nopCommerce

16 stycznia 2018 11:26:17
29 days ago #169 Cytat
I upgraded to nopCommerce 4.0 this past weekend and also upgraded the eBay plugin.  Everything seems to be working fine - I can list items.  I want to pull in a few orders from eBay that I got the last couple of days while I was upgrading my site, so I set the 'Last Import - OrderDate' to 12/15/2017 and ran the Import order task.  I didn't get any errors and there is nothing in the log, but the orders were not imported.  Is there a way to do this?
29 days ago #170 Cytat
Hello Jacqueline,

You need to update a script. After upgrade, the table in the SQL has changed, so you need to modify the script. Now, plugin is trying to update table which doesn't exist.

Please run this script in SQL and restart application:
update [ScheduleTask] set [Type] = REPLACE([Type], ', Nop.Plugin.Misc.eBay','') where [Type] like '%Nop.Plugin.Misc.eBay%'

Best regards,
Patryk Porabik
nop4you Team
28 days ago #171 Cytat
Thank you for your reply, but after I did that I still cannot import orders.  I also noticed that while there are over 380 orders in the order table, I can only see the latest 15 in the admin when try to view the Imported Orders.  The 16th shows as 'dasads' in the column for eBay Order and Product Name.  There is nothing in the table with that value.  Is this intended?

Also when I click the Install String Resources button in the General Settings, I get this message: Error finding plugin descriptior.
8 days ago #176 Cytat
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