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Marketplace4you give possibility to place product by your customers in your store. You may use it to create notice board or base of announcements.

nopCommerce 3.80 , nopCommerce 3.90 , nopCommerce 4.00

You are interested in real estate? You would like to give yours customers possibility to sell houses, apartments in only one place? Or you want to focus the whole crowd of people making handmade masterpieces? Do you wondering how to do this? Very simple! In your needs perfectly fits Marketplace4you! With it you will create funtional and innovative notice board. You will allow people to register and add their own products. In the case of real estate or cars selling, implementation of Google Maps enables you in a simple and transparent way to determine their location. Furthermore! Customers will be able to manage only theirs advertisements! As a result, none of them will have access to your administration panel.

Give informations
Save your time
Increase incomes
Free support during first 3 months

- add products by your customers
- ability to contact with seller
- your customers do not get access to administration panel
- Google Maps included
- you may set if buy button will be visible
- you may set for how long period announcement will be visible
- possibility to track inventory
- show recently added product on your home page

MarketPlace nopCommerce 3.80
316,00 zł

MarketPlace nopCommerce 3.90
316,00 zł

MarketPlace nopCommerce 4.00
316,00 zł